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     After toiling for over three decades sampling the finest tequila the world has to offer and finding true love in Mexico City, our founder was inspired to create the quintessential tequila profiles, including crafting the only rosa tequila that is true to Mexican hertitage by utilizing a Mexican flower rather than aging in wine barrels.  The result: the best tasting, smoothest tequilas available anywhere, at any price.


     Our founder’s love for international adventure and the highest quality experiences have been expressed through internationally racing factory McLaren racecars in professional motorsports, worldwide business endeavors, and enjoying the best offered across the globe in liquor and dining.


     The combination of these experiences, our founder’s creative energy, unyielding work ethic, and attention to detail have come together to ensure Tentador is truly “El Mejor Tequila”. We believe our goal has been accomplished and we look forward to enjoying our tequila with multitudes of our loyal customers, who also appreciate the finest quality, for years to come.

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    Tentador tequila is created using traditional methods of manufacturing using only the finest and freshest agaves from the region of Tequila and the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, as well as combining the baking processes of both traditional ovens covered in stone masonry and autoclaves. Our production facilities have nearly a century of experience resulting in an ultra smooth tequila. 

    Our primary goal was to create a tequila of unrivaled smoothness and quality worthy of the label “El Mejor Tequila del Mundo” -The World’s Finest Tequila. We believe we have achieved our goal and look forward to enjoying our tequila with multitudes of loyal customers for the years to come.


Tentador Tequila Racing, the official motorsport team of Tentador Tequila, has partnered with RACELAB and completed its McLaren Trophy season with multiple podiums and a first place finish in the final race weekend at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona.  The team has now stepped up to GT3 action and has remarkably scored another podium finish at the Abu Dhabi 6hr Yas Marina race.

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